I recently switched my hosting company over to Bluehost, and I couldn’t be happier. My original hosting company was cheap, but provided limited space, and I was quickly receiving bills that were far beyond what I expected. Bluehost provides unlimited space, which helps give me some peace of mind with all the photos I upload.

*Note: I am an affiliate for Bluehost. This means I receive a small percentage of commission if you choose to sign up for an account through my links. Thanks for your support!

Pinch of Yum Traffic and Income Report

Lindsay and Bjork are two of the most helpful food bloggers around. Period. Their blog is highly popular, and for good reason. Every month, Bjork writes a post detailing all sources of income to Pinch of Yum, as well as expenses, and calculates a net income. He offers tips and tricks in every post as to how to make money with your food blog, breaking down everything so it’s easy to understand.

You’ll find definitions of tricky web terms, screenshots of Pinch of Yum’s Google Analytics report, and more. You can also sign up for “Blogging Tips” by entering your email on the sidebar, right hand side. They send about one email per month, and respond to my questions whenever I ask.

Writing tips

Joy takes the mask off blogging and gives you down-to-earth tips to have fun while blogging and not drive yourself completely crazy. So far she’s written three posts on the topic that have been super helpful to me.

10 Real-Talk Blog Tips
10 Real-Talk Blog Tips Part II
10 (Super-Rad) Blog Post Ideas


Blogging Tips You Should Know by Smart Passive Income
Top 20 Tips for Food Bloggers by Cookie and Kate
150+ Links to Everything You Need to Know by Recipe Girl
Pro Food Blogger

WordPress Tips

WordPress Beginner forums


I’m currently using Foodie Pro with Genesis and I’m in love. My previous theme was pretty snazzy too, so I’ve linked that as well.

Foodie Pro
Foodie Pro F.A.Q.
Foodie Pro Tutorials
Read WP Theme

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