Beginner’s Bread

100% Whole Wheat soda bread by Katy's Kitchen

Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the aroma of fresh bread wafting through the kitchen.

Not even chocolate.

When I speak about this wonderful aroma, I am referring to the aroma of other people cooking fresh bread. Bread baking has always been one of those really daunting tasks for me…until I discovered soda bread.

Its unbelievable! The dough comes together in minutes, its important NOT to knead it too much, and it tastes heavenly!

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Lightened-Up 30-min Strawberry Jam

I’ve watched my mom spend time in the kitchen canning over various years. The end result is always extremely tasty, and the jars always look beautiful.

But the whole process isn’t really for me. I don’t like the thought of standing over the stove for hours, stirring, sanitizing the jars, doing dishes, dishes, and more dishes… all for one flavour of jam that you’ll probably get tired of in a month.

Lightened-Up 30 min Strawberry Jam by Katy's Kitchen

Mom, you know I love your jam, and your chutney, and especially your pickles!

But I just don’t have the patience. I enjoy my food most when the process of making it is quick, fun, and easy. Enter 30-minute jam!

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Green Tea and Lemon Cookies

Green Tea and Lemon Cookies by Katy's Kitchen

These cookies came out of a craving for green tea.

I know what you’re thinking. Who craves green tea?

Me, obviously! I swear I get the strangest cravings sometimes. So into the kitchen I went, to do a little experimenting and turn a boring old shortbread cookie into something fantastic.

Nice and light, these cookies have the perfect mix of tang and sweet.

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Sunday Brunch

Whole Wheat 'n Oat Waffles by Katy's Kitchen

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. What’s even better?


Welcome to Sunday Brunch! If you visit the blog on a Sunday, you’ll find some mouth-watering recipes that can be whipped up at home for a speedy breakfast or spread out on the kitchen table for a beautiful brunch.

Today’s recipe is one of my favorites: Whole Wheat ‘n Oat Waffles.

They’re hearty and healthy, easy and enticing.

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