Chocolate Curry Coconut Cake

Chocolate Curry Coconut Cake is soft, moist, and has powerful flavours to tempt your palateChocolate Curry Coconut Cake is soft, moist, and has powerful flavours to tempt your palate
How do you feel about wild, fun haircuts? Constantly on a quest for individuality, I’ve had nearly every short haircut under the moon. A few years ago, I chopped off my long, flowing locks (once I acknowledged my queerness–it seems as though this is a right of passage for queer women), and quickly discovered the joys of changing my haircut every few months.

I’ve had the Miley Cyrus circa 2013, and following that, my hairstyles were in my partner’s hands. It was mostly just an excuse to hang out when we were first dating, but somehow I felt comfortable enough to hand him the electric razor, saying, “Be creative!”. That lead to something of a faux-hawk, an undercut, and finally, I shaved my head completely. Continue reading Chocolate Curry Coconut Cake

Browned Butter Dinner Rolls

Browned butter dinner rolls are soft, simple, and the perfect bread to set at your table
I have a new obsession. Apart from these browned butter dinner rolls, of course. You might already know what this obsession is if you follow me on snapchat (mydishisbomb). I’m totally obsessed with…drumroll please…ballet!

This might sound surprising to you if you know me personally, as ballet seems to be a form of art where the most strictly defined gender roles exist, and I identify as having a non-binary gender. In ballet, women wear tutus and buns, while men wear pants and shirts. But even though I like to present myself as very androgynous, I’ve always been fascinated by ballerinas.

When I was around eight years old, I had a friend who was an incredible dancer in multiple forms, but truly excelled in ballet. When she received her first pointe shoes, she called me over to share in her glory. I tiptoed around the room in those pastel pink shoes with their hard, flat toes, feeling tall, light, and bird-like. Then I fell over. Continue reading Browned Butter Dinner Rolls

Iced Sugar and Spice Cookies

Easy iced sugar and spice cookies with pink buttercream frosting
First off, I want to say thank you to all of you who offered your congratulations on my last post, and your tips for stress relief on the post before that. When you take time out of your day to leave me a comment, it is so heartwarming. This blogging community is a pretty special one.

February is right around the corner, and with February comes Valentine’s Day. What’s your verdict on this Hallmark holiday? I used to be the Valentine’s Day grinch and thought the whole holiday was stupid, stupid, stupid. Even though there are singles events abound on V-day, it’s definitely a holiday geared towards couples and can be pretty exclusive for someone who might not fall into that category. I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days happily single, but unhappily feeling left out of the holiday itself. Continue reading Iced Sugar and Spice Cookies

Chocolate Coconut Pudding Cake

Chocolate coconut pudding cake
I have a really great feeling about this week.

It’s a fresh start, in a way. I’ve bid farewell to the restaurant and am beginning a new job that more closely aligns with my education and training. It’s a job I believe in, that I’m excited about, and it’s going to be a wonderful fit with my schedule.

For a while now, I’ve had this feeling deep within me that was signaling a need for change. Positive change. I need and want to start taking better care of myself, and this new job is one very right step in that direction.

To keep me organized with my new schedule, I bought a new agenda (again). It’s huge and full of lines for writing anything and everything. Unlike some other contenders I was flipping through at the store, this one doesn’t block off half a page for a meaningless stock photo. Why do agenda designers do that, anyways? Don’t they know people who use big giant agendas need to write down their every step? 😉
Chocolate coconut pudding cake
When I think about my new agenda and my new job, I breathe a giant sigh of relief. My brain feels like it’s navigating away from the cloud full of scribbles and lines and dots and disarray, and towards a beautifully organized shelf with colour coded boxes, neatly fitting into their homes like a freshly opened box of sugar cubes.

If you’re a perfectionist, those last two sentences will make total sense to you. If not, I probably sound strange, but I’m totally okay with that. Continue reading Chocolate Coconut Pudding Cake

Chocolate Dipped Funfetti Rice Krispie Squares + Some Thoughts On Stress

Chocolate Dipped Funfetti Rice Krispie Squares
Lately I’ve been purposefully thinking about stress, and its effect on my life. Did you know that stress is actually adaptive for our bodies, and without it we wouldn’t be alive?

Stress exists to prime our bodies against a real or perceived threat. Your endless to-do list might be a “threat”, and your worry and anxiety about your to-do list would be the “stress” you experience. Stress is a reaction, not a situation.

Unfortunately, some of us are primed to have a difficult time shutting down the stress response. We can’t control it. In my case, when stress relates to a mental illness, it’s very difficult to turn off that reaction.

But none of us are immune to regular old kick-you-when-you’re-down stress that occurs due to major life events or changes, work stress, family problems — anything, really. We all feel it. We all wish we didn’t.

When I feel stressed, it feels like I can actually sense the cortisol running through my body. My chest tenses up, my mind loses focus, and I start fidgeting, talking really fast, or getting upset about small things. I’ve been thinking alot about how to reduce the amount of stress in my life, and to do that, I need to try to eliminate some of the situations that cause that stress. A good friend of mine gave me this sound advice. Continue reading Chocolate Dipped Funfetti Rice Krispie Squares + Some Thoughts On Stress

MDB Cocktails: Easy Beer Float with 30 Second Chocolate Sauce

easy beer float with 30-second chocolate sauce
Would you like to come over to my place and hang out for a little while? I’ll set you up at the best spot on my couch, give you a pile of blankets and pillows to keep you warm and cozy, and then I’ll make you this easy beer float. Guests should be made to feel welcome, after all, and what’s more comforting than blankets and pillows and a beer float?

Puppies, I guess, but I don’t have any of those. 🙁

My mom stressed the importance of hospitality to my siblings and me at an early age. As a kid, I always wanted to be a guest in my own home so I didn’t have to wash the dishes or do any chores (this hasn’t changed). Guests, she said, should be made to feel as comfortable as possible when they’re away from the warmth of their own homes. Little things matter, like having a fridge full of snacks and a variety of booze in the cupboard.
Continue reading MDB Cocktails: Easy Beer Float with 30 Second Chocolate Sauce

Cappuccino Crumb Cake

Cappuccino Crumb Cake
What kind of music have you been listening to lately? I’m fairly all over the map when it comes to music, but I generally stick to a few genres: folk, indie rock, experimental electronic, dubstep, jazz, and every once in a while, pop and R&B. Okay, maybe that’s more than a few. 😛

It’s kind of a strange mix, but I often find that the genre of music I choose has to match up with my mood. I’m sure it’s similar for you too! As I write this post, I have this album on repeat. I definitely need to listen to something upbeat in the morning to give me that extra kick in the butt to get moving.

When my brain is all over the place and I’m feeling distracted, dubstep is the genre of music that brings me back to earth. Half the time it sounds like noise, but when done well, it’s so artfully experimental and the rhythms can be very reminiscent of jazz rhythms (previous band geek over here). Even when it sounds like metal garbage cans being dragged down the street. 😉 Continue reading Cappuccino Crumb Cake

Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese

Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese for the nights you can't remember
Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese for the nights you can't remember
Grilled cheese is one of those decadent, easy meals that I only think to make when I’m creating a new recipe. That’s a habit I plan on changing, because this apple bacon grilled cheese is warm, hearty, and fatty: perfect for a Winnipeg winter, or a morning that requires a little extra juice to get your gears going. Literally.

Florida residents, let me explain.

Winnipeg is so cold during the winter that if we don’t plug in our cars overnight, the engines basically freeze over. It’s a common sight to see a stranded Winnipegger sitting in an icebox, breath clouding up the already frosted windows, while a friendly parking lot neighbour digs around for jumper cables. It nearly happened to me.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, while I twisted the key in the ignition expecting to hear that satisfying rev of the engine, all that taunted back was silence. Miraculously, after a couple failed attempts and some very questionable noises, my grandpa of a car pulled through. It was a close call, and gave me the kick in the butt I needed to go buy an outdoor extension cable. Continue reading Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese

Chocolate Cupcakes with Maple Bacon Frosting

Fluffy Chocolate Cupcakes with Maple Bacon Frosting
How do you keep organized throughout the week? I’ve been a strong proponent of the agenda ever since I got my first one in middle school. I write everything down. I even write things down after I’ve already completed them. It’s so satisfying. There’s something about having a physical book to write in that really etches things in your memory.

Confession: My real name is actually Monica Geller. 😛

In all seriousness, this post was meant to go up yesterday morning, but my 2015 agenda ended (much to my surprise), and thus I’ve been disorganized all week. By the time I realized my mistake, it was 9 p.m. Tuesday night and I was zonked after a 12 hours work-day that I just could not face to look at anything else online except Scandal reruns. Also, I was already on my second one of these and feared my editing skills might not be quite up to par. 😉 Continue reading Chocolate Cupcakes with Maple Bacon Frosting

MDB Cocktails: Fruity Bourbon Smash

Fruity Bourbon Smash
Happy 2016!

I’m currently sitting in my “nest” (favourite spot on the couch + blankets + pillows + laptop) sipping on some super strong french press coffee. I probably should have pressed down the grounds 20 minutes ago. Ooops. Since I consumed all the Baileys in my stockpile last night, it’s a black coffee kind of morning.

I’m unapologetically rolling out the new year with more butter, sugar, cake, bacon, cocktails, and all the other decadent treats you’ve come to expect from My Dish is Bomb. I’m not a fan of the “overindulge–>deprive yourself–>overindulge” philosophy as I appreciate a little decadence every single day, and it’s commonly known that a whiskey a day keeps the doctor away. Obviously. Continue reading MDB Cocktails: Fruity Bourbon Smash

Thank you

I’m popping in today for a message that is long overdue. This post is to say thank you, because without you, My Dish is Bomb would not exist.

First of all, thank you to the many readers who stayed with me and continued reading while I took a long break from blogging, completely redesigning this site and its focus. I lost a large amount of readers in that time, which I expected, but I know there are many who have continued reading and continued supporting me, and for that I am ever grateful.

Thank you to all the new readers of My Dish is Bomb — the readers who have joined me for one day, and the readers who have been stopping by for a few months or more. It’s you that inspires me to keep creating, to keep trucking, to keep this momentum up when all I want to do is lie in a puddle of blankets on the floor. I love this website, I love baking, creating recipes, and food photography. But it’s hard work. The endless amounts of dishes, the failed recipes, the long road to creating an income can all be frustrating, but whenever I see a new comment, whenever I see that you have taken two precious minutes out of your day to write something for me, my heart soars.

The community I’ve discovered through blogging is incredible, there are so many driven, successful, intelligent, creative people out there and it means so much that we all support each other and cheer each other on. The beautiful photos and writing that I scroll through every day constantly inspires me to learn and do better.

Thank you to anyone who has been inspired to make one of my recipes. This is the golden carrot of blogging. Sometimes it can feel like you’re just sending out recipes into this black hole, but to know that people actually create these things that you dreamed up just for that purpose, is humbling. You have invited me into your kitchen, a sacred space, and I am tickled pink that you’ve done so.

I hope that your holidays are merry and bright, filled with laughter and fun, cozy and warm, white and snowy, hot and beachy, and whatever else your area of the world brings you. See you in the new year 🙂

Easy Chai Spiced Scones

Easy Chai Spiced Scones
Scones. Buttery, flaky, sweet and salty scones. Is there anything better in this world?

One of the very first recipes I posted on this site was a basic scone recipe passed down to me from my friendly neighbour who would invite my brother and I over to participate in a day of baking. I mostly stirred things and tried to hide from the dog, but I still had fun nonetheless. I’ve made this recipe so many times, I could make it in my sleep/the half-awake state I’m usually in.

Lately I’ve been thinking about going back to some of my old recipes and re-inventing them in new and interesting ways. Many of my old recipes are vegan, so I have tons of recipes on my list to un-veganize, which I know is the exact opposite of how things are normally done, but I’m nothing if not a little abnormal. What is normal, anyways?
Easy Chai Spiced Scones
This recipe wasn’t originally vegan, though, and it’s going to stay that way. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, tastes better in scones than cold, hard butter. With my tea collection increasing and the weather getting a little chillier over here, chai spiced scones sounded perfect. There are quite a few spices in chai tea, but in the interest of saving time I’ve only included the four main spices in this recipe: ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. All winter spices, all cozy and warm. Continue reading Easy Chai Spiced Scones